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  1. Breathing: Moderate the breathing pattern of your fetus and yours, by watching your breath carefully. Yoga is a process that can regulate your breathing. It is not just the breathing exercises prescribed in the yogic system, but also other limb and abdominal exercise that affect breathing patterns. Prenatal Yoga sessions would be most appropriate to induce calming breathing patterns to the baby in the womb.
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  1. Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence: Yoga helps a great deal in insinuating connections that spurt emotional and spiritual intelligence. However, meditation also helps pregnant women to a great extent in accomplishing this objective. Meditation comes in different forms and you need to choose what suits you best. You can review the list of different types of meditation available for pregnant women.
  1. Music & Rhythm: Music is a complex pattern of harmonized sound frequencies put together. These patterns put together to create a melody that is reproduced either by an instrument or voice. Rhythm similarly is symmetric beats positioned at different intervals to compliment the melody. Babies in the utero can comprehend both melody and rhythm. Which means if you sing, play an instrument or dance, the baby will be exposed to them while in utero. Here is a video that went viral.
  1. Language: You can start teaching language to the baby in the womb right from the utero. Some prenatal advocates recommend reading books to your child while in the womb. In fact, some suggest reading out loud to your child with a sense that your child is hearing what you speak. Research says that babies start picking language patterns, and vocabulary from the womb. It is proven that when the baby starts to consciously learn languages in the real world, they tend to have speedy progress in learning new languages.



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Nischala Agnihotri

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