9 Successful Habits & Qualities of Thought Leaders — Journal Of A Content Strategist

Don’t React

Wide Radar

Fluid Yet Strong

Great Readers

Great Learners

Charismatic and Magnetic

Growth Mindset

Culture Creators

Predictability and Routine-makers

  1. Entrepreneur | The 5-Hour Rule Used by Bill Gates, Jack Ma and Elon Musk
  2. One Thing | The Science of Charisma and Becoming a More Magnetic Person
  3. SmartBrief | How Leaders Can Foster Growth Mindset



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Nischala Agnihotri

Nischala Agnihotri

I’m a Content Strategist researching story sciences. I’m a gardener and a busy parent when I’m not at work. More work at www.nischalagnihotri.com